Misconceptions About EFP

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I have heard it all too many times:

  • We are just doing a little project
  • We cannot afford you
  • I didn’t think you would be interested in this

These are some of the reasons people give as to why they were reluctant to call EFP for their video production work. My answers are:

  • The project is not too small
  • You can afford us, we are more cost competitive than you think
  • We are definitely interested…unless it’s a wedding, sorry. Been there, done that.

Misconception # 1 – I am sure that the image of Steve DelMonte and EFP filming in Monaco and other glamorous international locations creates an elite perception. But that isn’t all we do. In fact, most of our work is sales, marketing and training videos for small, medium and large businesses. We do not freely advertise many of our clients either because of confidentiality agreements or just because it’s their business not ours.

Misconception # 2 – We must be expensive because we have a building, equipment, trucks and employees. The truth is we could not have a more economical cost structure. We don’t pay rent to landlords that bake interest, maintenance and profit into their rates. We have all the equipment we need without having to take the time to pick-up, drop off, pay profit, provide loss and liability insurance to someone else. And lastly, employees are expensive only when they are not busy. The day rate for a freelancer is much higher than an employee even with medical insurance and 401K’s. EFP still uses freelance audio techs, make-up artists and producers when necessary on specific jobs, but as a rule it is more economical to use existing staff.

Misconception # 3 – Never assume! We are interested in your project. The subjects we have covered the people we have met are fascinating. Video production is what we do…don’t be embarrassed to ask!

The most expensive video you will ever make is one that is never seen by a customer. The project that misses the mark entirely or heaven forbid, is never finished, makes the thought of doing it right the first time very affordable.

EFP wants to do good business and we hope you do to. If for some reason EFP does pass on you project we will recommend someone we know will do a good job for you. We have built a reputation of fair and ethical business practices for over 30 years and that is no misconception.

By: Donna DelMonte

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