You Need to Make a Video…..Now What? Part II

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Your first criterion for selecting a video production company is, talent.

1. How well does the company convey a succinct, compelling message?
2. Do their example videos enhance the customer’s brand?
3. How good is the picture and audio quality?
4. Does the flow make sense?
5. Does the edit seem choppy and make the picture or audio jump?
6. Did you zone out after the first few seconds?

The second criterion to look for is good business practices. If your company has a procurement department you can enlist their help. If you are on your own here are some basic things to look for to sort this out.

Request from your vendor the following information:
1. EIN also known as a tax ID number
2. DUNS number
3. Business type: Sole proprietor, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Limited Liability Company
4. Government registrations or certifications, Cage Code, SBA 8a, etc.
5. Customer references and phone numbers
6. Address for place of business

Decide from your company’s point of view:

1. How much general liability insurance do you require?
2. Does your company need a confidentiality agreement between the company and the production company?
7. Does your company have a small business (SBA Section 8a) quota you need to achieve?
8. Does your company carry workers compensation on all contractors or will you require proof of workman’s compensation insurance?
9. Does your vendor have outstanding judgments, or bankruptcies? Utilize the DUNS number to check Dun & Bradstreet,

You may feel anxious that this will take too long because now you are in a hurry to get this done. Hiring a vendor, no matter how large or small the project could hurt the company in any number of ways. This is not the place to cut corners. Even if everything goes smoothly, you will establish yourself as a savvy employee who knows how to do good business and safeguard the company.

By Donna DelMonte #efp #efponline

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